Kajner 2

This shape is created from the Kajner 4 model. All the positive characteristics of this popular design have been retained, but have been further enhanced.

Developed from the K4 type, with somewhat gentler curves, retaining all of the excellent characteristics. The change is in the fitting of the blade stem into the shaft.
Thanks to it’s “teardrop” shape, the “catch” is light, without slip or flutter with excellent water “shed”. Promotes fast and dynamic paddling, recommended for most paddler.
Available in three sizes.

SizeLength (mm)Width (mm)Area (cm2)Weight (g)Offered to:
M485158725650Junior woman racing
L490163745680Woman prof./Junior
XL510170805765Man racing prof.

Our adjustable shafts using “shakle” type clips


New design for our adjustable system as well. The quality is in it’s simplicity; using an “off centre”, stainless steel clamp. The whole fastening system is manufactured in conjunction with the shaft, using carbon prepreg. Do not use other materials, keeping to the simplest of solutions, making it extremely reliable, tool free system. The shaft and clamp contact areas have high friction qualities, to produce high clamping force, at low physical effort. All of our paddles can be ordered with adjustable shafts.

Paddle Maintainance !!!
In the case of fresh water use; dismantle paddle once a week-in case of salt water after each use- and clean shaft contact areas using soap and water. Paddles should be stored in a dismantled for prolonged periods, ie winter.