Kajner SIKLO

Our latest paddle family is the result of many years of development work, of which Laszlo Babella’s legendary aluminium paddle was the starting point.
The blade’s improved character, compared to the Kajner 4 is in the increased twist and all directional curves. A positive and fast “catch”, without water “lift” at exit.
The more positive curves increases effectiveness. In total, fluid- dynamical measurements shaw a 15% improvement in performance compared to equivalent Kajner 4 blade area. As the blade behaves neutrally in the water, it can stay close to the hull during the first half of the stroke, making it more efficient. The Siklo group of paddles are made in 7 sizes.

SizeLength (mm)Width (mm)Area (cm2)Weight (g)Offered to
XS4351305505709-11 years girls, boys
S44013657159011-15 years girls, boys
Ms46013660360011-15years girls, boys
M480142660620Woman prof./Junior
L500144687710Woman prof./Junior
XLs500150750740Man racing prof.
XL520150790770Man racing prof.

Our adjustable shafts using “shakle” type clips


New design for our adjustable system as well. The quality is in it’s simplicity; using an “off centre”, stainless steel clamp. The whole fastening system is manufactured in conjunction with the shaft, using carbon prepreg. Do not use other materials, keeping to the simplest of solutions, making it extremely reliable, tool free system. The shaft and clamp contact areas have high friction qualities, to produce high clamping force, at low physical effort. All of our paddles can be ordered with adjustable shafts.

Paddle Maintainance !!!
In the case of fresh water use; dismantle paddle once a week-in case of salt water after each use- and clean shaft contact areas using soap and water. Paddles should be stored in a dismantled for prolonged periods, ie winter.